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Russian Investment house is a company that manages investments in the real estate market. Property investment is a dynamic sector offering investors good prospects for long-term returns on their capital.  >>

 Property market asset management

Asset management is a comprehensive service for private investors. It aims to build up a portfolio of investments in property which is capable of fully meeting the client's needs from a position of investment returns, reliability, liquidity and diversification. | More

 Property market fund management

Property market fund management is a vehicle allowing groups of investors to enter the market. | More

 Project management

RID provides comprehensive management for projects of various kinds and at various stages of completion according to the investment aims and objectives of our client. | More

 Investment consulting

RID provides a complete range of consulting services, allowing our clients to determine their own investment strategy on the property market | More

 Arranging Privatisation Projects

Our organisational capacity and the experience of our staff allows us to provide project management in the sphere of privatisation. Our main objective in this respect is to minimise risk whilst making allowances for the interests of all parties involved in the process. | More

 Services for Foreign Investors

Russkii Investitionny Dom is particularly interested in attracting foreign investment to Russia. The companys project range is tailored to meet the requirements of western investors. We regard our aim as providing comfortable, familiar conditions for making investments, with provision for the laws and investment climate in the country where the investment originates. | More

Why invest in property?

Following a sharp drop in the world stock markets, which was mirrored by a fall in the interest rates paid by Russian banks and accompanied by a sharp increases in the rates of basic currencies, the question of how to look after ones money and particularly to make it grow has become a burning issue.

In the absence of a mature and large-scale stock market in Russia, investors here have two main means of investing their money: foreign currency or property investment. In the face of global economic changes, property alone is the most predictable, conservative and therefore the most reliable investment product: it is a segment that is characterised by the greatest stability, a huge investment capacity, a steady and solvent demand, and the possibility of flexible diversification in a variety of sectors and regions.

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